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Happy Anniversary! Jenny & Joey – September 4, 2010


Happy Anniversary to Jenny & Joey!  Just a year ago we were battling the crazy wind on the pool deck of the Renaissance…how time flies!  We hope you had a wonderful first year of marriage and wish you many many more!

Kasey & the Bliss Girls!

Jenny & Joey’s wedding was voted one of the top 10 weddings of Columbus by Capital Style Bride magazine for 2010.  Below are a few of our favorite images from their big day!  Thank you to Amanda Julca for the images. Flowers on Orchard Lane was our florist (of course!) and Bakery Gingham created the adorable simply modern cake. 






















Place cards vs. Escort cards


This is an area where there are so many options for brides and grooms to choose from, it can really make deciding what to do make your head spin!

First let’s talk about the difference between place cards and escort cards. I feel that many times people use the place cards to describe both, but really they are different and have different functions.

Escort cards are usually the cards you see in a display, set up in neat little rows or hanging on the branches of a Manzanita tree. They function of the escort card it to give the guests information about what table they have been assigned to. The card is in a way “escorting” them to their table.


Place cards are the cards that guests find at their seat at the assigned table. It’s designating or holding their place or assigned seat. Place cards are also used to indicate the guest specific entrée selected by the guest on their rsvp card.

When deciding to use an escort card vs place card there are several things to consider. First are your guests pre-selecting an entrée? If not then you may not need to assign a guest to a specific seat, just the table. Are you having your reception outdoors? This can impact what the place card looks like. Small cards and wind generally don’t mix very well, especially when you need them to stay in place. A favorite of ours is the menu/place card. This is a great combination because it can be color coded, the menus look great personalized with each guests name and it costs



We’ve giving our clients some fun alternatives to escort cards throughout the years. Here are a few we’re happy to share! 

This table top set up works great for an outdoor setting or if you are looking for something a little different than the standard cards on a table. It can also be a little bit of a cost saving as well because you’re only having to print several sheets of paper instead of 100+ cards.


This next example is better for indoor use because of the large size of the frame. It’s not particularly wind resistant.


What will you choose for your wedding?

Photography: C Studios (1,3, 5), Red Gallery (2,4)

Tying Décor Together – Don’t Forget the Bar!


The Bar. It’s on of the places that most of your guests will visit and spend a considerable amount of time at during your wedding. It’s also one of the areas that I see getting overlooked on a consistent basis.

The bar is one area where a little thought and extra décor can go a long way. It should not only match, but be comfortable for your guests to mingle and hang out around. I’ve listed a few tips below to help guide you through he design process.
Questions to ask yourself or your event designer:

1. What would you like the bar look like? What color is it? What is it made out of?
2. Does the facility have a bar on-site? Will I need to bring my own in?
3. Will it match the rest of the cocktail or reception décor?
4. If the answer to #3 is NO then this is where you’ll want to make some changes!
5. What does the glassware look like?
6. If your venue has it’s own, can you bring in rented glassware?
7. Is there room for additional seating in this area?

Once you’ve determined what you’d like the bard to look like and how it should function, now you’ll want to talk to your venue, caterer or planner. Share with them the details about what you’d like the bar to look like, how you’d like your guests to receive their cocktails.

Adding floras to your bar are an easy way to dress it up instantly. You can do smaller arrangements to sit on the outside ends of the bar or one large statement piece that can sit on the bar back table on a raised column or base.


Ice bars can be a lot of fun and a really dramatic piece of art for your cocktail or reception space. It can be carved into any shape imaginable and lit in an array of colors. We have done custom insert pieces that were frozen into the ice as it was being made!


For outdoor weddings I really like to use solid material bars. Linens on tables tend to blow in the wind and I don’t like the guests seeing everything that gets stored under the bar tables.


Simple things like coordinated bar menus or drink stirs are simple and fun additions if doing some of the larger ideas I have mentioned above.

Yes, bringing in your own bar can be a little more costly and will take a little more logistical planning but it is so worth it!

Photography: Arden Photography, Red Gallery, C Studio

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