The Zoe Report: The Great Gatsby Bride


So, I get an email earlier this week from none other than the Zoe Report office….for those of you who watch the Rachel Zoe Project are probably familiar.  I really heart Rachel and the amazing empire she has built, so to say I was excited to see the email in my inbox from one of her editors would be an understatement (I may or may not have squealed upon opening it)

We are beyond excited to be included in the latest Zoe Report that came out yesterday.  It’s a special Great Gatsby Wedding edition!  Our cake from the My Modern Clementine shoot was selected to be included!  Thank you very much Pinterest for being invented and being our connecting force!

I. Die.


O.M.G.  It’s so maj.  :)

Oh and by the way – if you aren’t signed up for the Zoe Report you should go do it now.  Not kidding.  Go…like right now!  Click here!

Happy Weekend!

Kasey & The Bliss Girls