Sale! Minted Thank You Notes



I have a confession…I’m a hoarder of all things paper.  In my opinion, you can never have enough note cards, post it notes, thank you notes, or cute pens.  I have paper from when I was a child still tucked away because it’s too pretty to use!  Not kidding.  You should see my collection of personalized thank you notes! It’s impressive!

Minted makes printing custom notes a snap!  From now through July 20th you can take 15% off your own custom thank you note order.   Use code THANKYOU 15% off at check out.

Happy Shopping!



915 Monmouth Hosts Junk In The Trunk 2014


The minute I saw the email in my inbox I was intrigued!  This was such a great idea and I had to share it with all of you!  The ladies at 915 Monmouth in Newport, KY are hosting their annual Junk In The Trunk Event on July 26th from 12pm – 3pm. 


What is Junk In The Trunk?  Here’s all the details straight from the website!

Junk in the Trunk is an event that allows brides-to-be to purchase items that past brides used at their wedding. Past brides drop off their goods to us, we style the pieces to show the best use of each piece and give ideas of how to incorporate the pieces into a wedding. Our studio transforms into a bridal retail space for one day. Studio members will be on-hand to answer any questions or help choose the perfect pieces for wedding decor.

We’ve doubled our VIP tickets this year and we’ve collected double the goods for our Swag Bags. VIP admission allows you to shop a half an hour early and you have the choice of purchasing a ticket that comes with or without a Swag Bag.

Your job is easy. Let us know what you’re looking for! Email events -at- with the items you want to add to your wedding and we can start the hunt for you! We’ll also add you to our mailing list to ensure you’re kept up to date with all the fun new things we have in store for those wanting to get in and buy.

Selling is actually pretty easy, mainly because we do all the work. We’ve announced our drop off days to allow you time to gather the pieces you wish to sell, get them priced and get all the paper work together (We promise it’s minimal. It just helps our transactions the day of the event go smoother and it helps get you paid much quicker). You don’t have to attend Junk in the Trunk at all, though you’re definitely welcome to come shop! In an effort to keep confusion to a minimum, we’ve broken down the process for you as best we can.

Note:  The drop off deadline for this year’s even has already passed, so if you have any times that fit their criteria, you might want to hold on to them for the 2015 event. 

Tickets are required to attend.  VIP with Swag Bag : $30 | VIP without Swag Bag : $15 | General Admission : $5  Contact the 915 Monmouth studio for purchasing information.

The event sounds like so much fun!  If you go, leave us a comment and let us know how it was and if you found any great treasures!

Happy Shopping!

Kasey & The Bliss Girls

Pintrest: Marquee Letter


Today marks a month adventure though the world of Pinterest Crafts!

I’m Maggie, one of the interns (I like to think of myself as the crafty one. Paige is the brains!) here at Bliss Wedding & Event Design.  I have been given this month to show you how doable some of these crafts we see on Pinterest are.  Lucky me because I’mm ambitious and would like to think that I can do everything I see! But as a recreational crafter, I have limits and some of those crafts we see are done by people who do nothing other than that!

But when it comes to weddings in particular I would have to say that most times, I can only do the same thing about 5 to 9 times before I want to hurt everything mostly because I find the work to become too tedious. At a wedding you have at least 10 tables and well I am reaching my upper limit at that point, BUT that should not scare you away from doing maybe one DIY project! So I am going to show you the good the bad and the ugly from my month of DI[wh]Y projects. Some will look awesome others may not. Keep your eyes peeled for the photo lantern. I am already having nightmares about that one! But today’s craft was pretty simple and lost cost. It would be a cute decoration for your wedding.

Large Cardboard letter ( I got mine at Joann’s)
White paint Globe Christmas tree lights ( LED or Normal, but I saw use LED they get less hot)
X acto knife

1. You will need to paint the letter white and let dry fully.


2. Next you take the X-acto knife and cut out the back, but not to close to the edges. I would say the cut needs to be about two inches wide.

3. This is the tricky step. You will need to space the light blubs and then cutting an X pattern on the painted side of the letter you will mark where all the letters go.


4. after cutting all the X’s you will need to push the end of the light bulb thought he middle of the X. Do this for all of them.

5. Then if you have a letter like mine you need to remove the zig zaggy cardboard, so that you can do the next step.


 6. Time to reach the light blubs with the cord. This takes some patience and a willingness to fiddle with it. But once you get the first few the rest are as easy as pie!



 Very cute and inexpensive was to put your initials up somewhere at the wedding.

Happy Crafting!

 xoxo, Maggie

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