What’s the Number?


Table numbers can be tricky. I find that most clients don’t think about them until the very end and either a) end up creating a simple custom piece or b) using the generic table numbers the facility owns. Most times than not, we end up creating a custom piece.

This week the new Martha Stewart Weddings arrived in my mail box and I saw the cutest template for table numbers. I had to share this with you because I think these are so useful and add just a little bit of flair for not a lot of money. They are easy to use – find the style you like (there are two options) and print the numbers on the appropriate paper, trim and place in table number stand. So easy!

A Banner Day


Last week my latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings arrived.  There was one article in particular that grabbed my attention.  There are several downloadable templates online now that you can use to make customizable banners for the wedding.  I absolutely love the templates for creating a banner that can be used in a number of locations.  My first thought was a new twist on the Just Married sign on the getaway car.  Whether you are spelling out Just Married or your monogram and date this can be a unique and very personal way to add to your wedding decor.   Another idea is to create a banner that can be hung somewhere in the wedding – Welcoming your guests or saything ‘Thank You’ at the end of the night. 

Pretty Little Maids


Distributing all the correct information to you bridesmaids can be a challenge for even the most organized bride. This is especially true if your special girls are spread out all over the country. These handy little cards from Martha Stewart are just the thing you need. They are so adorable and they have all the information you need. It has Dress style/color info, attach a fabric swatch, shoe details, jewelery and the bridal parties’ contact information. If you use a rotary cutter with a perforating blade you can make the contact information section a card that you can tear off to keep in your purse or bag. Download the handy little template and customize just for your wedding!
Oh and the envelope can be found at Paper Source – another favorite site of mine.

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