Real Story: Amanda’s Proposal Story


We love, love here at the studio and when one of our girls gets engaged we well…get pretty excited. A little over a year ago Amanda was proposed to by her long time love Josiah and well in our humble opinion he did a really good job,including something we can only imagine that he got off of Pinterest!



So we asked Amanda to share the story from her perspective and this is her most lovely account:

The proposal was a complete surprise.  Yes, we had looked at engagement rings, and yes, I had put the pieces together as the evening went along. However, I did not wake up on December 12thinking “I’m going to be someone’s fiance by the end of the day.”

To give you a little back story, Josiah and I met at The Ohio State University.  It was the summer before our senior year. I worked at the student union and Josiah had come in to work on a group project for summer freshman orientation.  No one was around since classes were out, so I asked Josiah and his group if they wanted to listen to any music on the radio.  He marched up to my desk and said, “I’d like to listen to some hard core rap.”  I said “Um…no.” And that was it – love at first sight! … No, I’m just kidding.  We talked a bit that day and as fate would have it, our jobs had us cross paths a couple weeks later.  We kept seeing each other then finally Josiah asked me out on a date.  We went to Northstar and Jeni’s in the Short North and ended our evening on a bench on The Oval (at OSU) just talking like old friends for hours and hours.  He dropped me off at my house like a true gentleman, and that, my friends, is when I knew I found someone special.

And life went on – we both graduated from OSU and took up jobs in the Columbus area.  We eventually moved in together in the fall of 2012.  Then the big day came – December 12, 2012.  (Wasn’t this the last day in the Mayan calendar? Well I guess Josiah wanted to go out with a bang!)  When I got home from work that day, I took our dog, Tucker, out for a little walk and saw that Josiah was not home.  I didn’t think much of it, just thought he was running late at work.  When I came back into the apartment, I went to the bedroom and saw a new dress and belt laid out on the bed with a handwritten note that said “I’ll pick you up at 6:45.” Side note – the dress and belt were from Madewell – oh yeah…Josiah is that good.

Having just talked a few days prior about going to see zoo lights at the Columbus Zoo, I totally thought that’s what the surprise was. Not once did I question that.

At 6:45 pm, Josiah came to our apartment and picked me up for “a special date,” as he put it.  We went to Northstar in the Short North – the first stop from our first date.  During the dinner conversation, Josiah brought up a lot of our first few months together and how we both have grown so much.  At one point, I instantly felt anxious and thought “Oh my gosh, he’s proposing tonight.” But then of course I did the thing that all soon-to-be fiances do and convince myself that he’s not.  How big of a disappointment would that be if he didn’t propose?

Then we went to our next destination – Jeni’s.  Ok, at this point, I knew without a doubt that he was recreating our first date. How sweet!  But I kept convincing myself that he wasn’t proposing.  Josiah thinks of cute dates all the time. If I thought this night was leading to a proposal and it didn’t, I would be devastated.

Our last stop was The Oval on The Ohio State University’s campus.  Ok…this is it. Something has to be happening. It has to be.  When we arrived, I got out of the car and saw something lit near the bench where we sat on our first date.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a decorated and lit Christmas Tree with a box underneath.  Ok this is it – the ring is in the box!!  I opened the box to find – nope, no ring.  Instead there was a letter from Josiah. Now at this point, I’m only pretending to read this letter because I’m shaking, I’m nervous, I don’t know what’s going to happen or what I will see when I turn around, and I kept hearing this clicking noise. I finally decided I had pretended to read this long enough and turned around.   When I did, Josiah was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring.  With tears in his eyes, he asked me to marry him.

It was the most perfect proposal for me. Josiah thought of every detail and took so much time to plan it.  And remember how I heard clicking? To make the night even more special, a dear friend of mine, Katie, was there to capture it all with photos. The night was a memory I will always cherish.

Stay tuned for more of Amanda’s planning process and her wedding in late August!


Kasey & The Bliss Girls

Top image by Krista Kimble

Food Truck Friday: Street Thyme


Today we went to burger heaven! A little food truck called Street Thyme! The link takes you to there website where they have loads of information about where they will be! So helpful! It is clear from our photo that our meal was hearty enough for even the burliest of men! The hamburger was simple and wonderful. We sampled the regular cheeseburger and the bacon cheeseburger. They had lots of flavor, which is something that we love! They have great prices for $8.00 you get a drink, chips and a burger! The perfect filling lunch! They are everywhere so checkout their website for where they will be next.


xoxo Kasey& The Bliss Girls

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