Make it Yours: Pattern Scarves


So this weeks “Make it Yours” is about THE best fall/winter…well really summer and spring accessory! Patterned Scarves. They are great because they come in all different weights from a nice wool one for winter to a nice lightweight one for spring. They add pizazz to any outfit and it is nearly impossible to go into a store with out seeing one. Now I love Forever 21 for inexpensive scarves that are trendy and won’t last past the season. Anthropologie has really cute ones for winter right now which is what is pictured below. With this one little accessory you can change the whole look of an outfit and it is a super easy way to add a little bit of color! They can also make great bridesmaid gifts for you ladies that have fall or winter wedding! Also I would like to say that they are truly fun and functional and they don’t have to break the bank. Happy Hunting!


xoxo, Kasey & The Bliss Girls

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