Place cards vs. Escort cards


This is an area where there are so many options for brides and grooms to choose from, it can really make deciding what to do make your head spin!

First let’s talk about the difference between place cards and escort cards. I feel that many times people use the place cards to describe both, but really they are different and have different functions.

Escort cards are usually the cards you see in a display, set up in neat little rows or hanging on the branches of a Manzanita tree. They function of the escort card it to give the guests information about what table they have been assigned to. The card is in a way “escorting” them to their table.


Place cards are the cards that guests find at their seat at the assigned table. It’s designating or holding their place or assigned seat. Place cards are also used to indicate the guest specific entrée selected by the guest on their rsvp card.

When deciding to use an escort card vs place card there are several things to consider. First are your guests pre-selecting an entrée? If not then you may not need to assign a guest to a specific seat, just the table. Are you having your reception outdoors? This can impact what the place card looks like. Small cards and wind generally don’t mix very well, especially when you need them to stay in place. A favorite of ours is the menu/place card. This is a great combination because it can be color coded, the menus look great personalized with each guests name and it costs



We’ve giving our clients some fun alternatives to escort cards throughout the years. Here are a few we’re happy to share! 

This table top set up works great for an outdoor setting or if you are looking for something a little different than the standard cards on a table. It can also be a little bit of a cost saving as well because you’re only having to print several sheets of paper instead of 100+ cards.


This next example is better for indoor use because of the large size of the frame. It’s not particularly wind resistant.


What will you choose for your wedding?

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